warp tunnel

by disseriph

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recorded live. required many takes.


released December 5, 2011



all rights reserved


disseriph Hackettstown, New Jersey


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Track Name: sorta grown up
so far away from my past
I'm looking at it through a telescope
and down this tube of refracted light
see my self waving to a future me

I'm so fucking grown up now

I finished all of my laundry
and I spent most of my money
there s a little bit more to worry about
and I don't do too much hanging around
Track Name: live like yr alive
you roughly have 2000 weekends left
don't trade them for sorry regrets
the only difference between a rut and a grave
is five and a half feet

love yr self
and make yr instrument
sing about it

don't let the shit hitting the fan
be yr only reason
the only difference between a rut and a grave
is five and a half feet
Track Name: philadelphia to hackettstown
it's impossible to go out of yr way
when yr going
towards what you want
it doesn't matter how late it is

I'm gonna make it to you
tonight I'm gonna be with you

I might stop at the quick check
for a snack
and while I'm there I just might take a nap

and it's a fact
cookies taste better
on the road that leads home to you
Track Name: warp tunnel
it seems our hearts have been synchronized
was it luck or did I just arrive
at yr door step at the perfect time

some warp tunnel brought me to you
and now we're on the best level
while I was holding the books you lent me
our first hug it turned into a kiss